Three Reasons Why Extracurriculars Matter for Homeschoolers

violinPlanning for extracurricular activities should be a vital step in your plans for homeschooling high school. A wide range of extracurricular opportunities are open to homeschoolers including arts, music, dance, sports, volunteering, robotics, speech and debate, and academic competition teams. Here are three reasons you should make extracurricular activities a priority for your homeschool.

Answer the Socialization Question
Myths about lack of socialization of homeschoolers remain firm in the minds of many, including some admissions officers. Homeschool extracurricular experiences are an important way for students to dispel these stereotypes and demonstrate your homeschoolers are active and connected to other people. Many colleges specifically note in their homeschool admissions policies that they like to see homeschoolers demonstrate they are involved their communities.

Stand Out From Traditional Students
While it can be easy for traditional public or private students to access a wide range of extracurricular activities at school, often these students end up looking similar in the pile of college admissions applications. French club, school newspaper, soccer team, band, student council are all familiar activities but they may not be particularly exciting or engaging parts of a student resume. Homeschooling students and parents often put a lot more work into creating meaningful homeschool extracurricular opportunities. Due to schedule flexibility afforded by homeschooling, students may be able to put together unique and impressive extracurricular activities. Some opportunities such as internships can be more open to students who have schedule flexibility of being available during the school day. Homeschoolers with the passionate interest can often develop their talents in creative ways that make them more likely to be noticed in the college admissions process.

Promote Independence During High School
Many teenagers strongly need the opportunity for more independence during adolescence. They benefit from the opportunity to stretch their wings and learn more about their capabilities. Activities, work, and volunteer experiences can all be crucial steps in that process. They can help connect students with positive role models and adult mentors. Students who are happy and engaged in activities are more likely to feel confident in themselves and are less likely to engage in negative behaviors.

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