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Why Your College Student Should Work

coffee shop

Is your teen balking at the idea of working during college? Are they worried it will hurt their GPA? Do they say it is unfair they have to work because other students will not? Wrong! Here are five reasons why  many college students consider getting a job. Students Who Work Take College More Seriously Research …

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College Student Job Strategies

Most college students need to work in order to help with expenses. Working in college can encourage students to be more organized about their time. However, in this recession we are facing the highest youth unemployment rate since World War II. Employment rates are half what they were just ten years ago. For this reason, …

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Six Years to Graduation? Why Students Don’t Graduate on Time

University of Rochester, New York

While most of us think of college as a four year experience, five or six years to graduation has become more typical. When entering college nine of ten students believe they will finish their bachelors in four years. It turns out these predictions are overly optimistic as just over half of students who enter college …

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Yikes, This College Class is Tough!

Indiana University

Even for strong students there comes a time for many when they take a college course where they struggle to get good grades. Here’s a step by step guide for what you need to do to recover…

College Textbook Costs: What to Expect and How to Save

stack of college textbooks

What will textbooks cost? A recent survey finds the average college student spends nearly $1,300 a year on textbooks. Textbook costs vary based on a student’s major. Students in English or social sciences may find they are more often assigned lower cost paperbacks. Science majors may find that many texts for core subjects run as …

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Tips for College Engineering Majors


Is your homeschooler planning to major in engineering? If so, here are a few things you may wish to consider as you plan high school and look toward college admissions. Engineering is an Intense Major Students who plan to major in engineering should enter college prepared to really focus and succeed. Even students who are …

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How to Earn Top Grades in College

University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Here are six proven strategies for earning great grades in college. Please share this with your dual enrolled student or homeschool graduate. Attend class Lecture and reading often include very different content so one can’t substitute for another. If you are tempted to skip class look at the cost of tuition and calculate what you …

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No Wonder Why So Many College Students Fail

jello shots

Have you ever wondered why so many students who start college fail to graduate? Or why some students succeed and others fail? As a homeschooling parent, and guidance counselor to your kids, you may wish to learn more about research that explores student expectations and attitudes. Research finds most high school students have a very …

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Ramen Not Caviar: Cutting Costs in College

college student diet of ramen

Most college students can’t afford to have the standard of living of an adult with a good paying professional job. With college costs rising, it is more important than ever for your student to learn to live on budget. Even if you model living frugally  at home your teen may need explicit instruction in how …

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Advice from College Grads

Faced with the challenge of finding employment during a recession, 2/3 of recent college grads say they would make different choices if they had a do-over.  These students found out it isn’t just college admissions students need to pay attention to but rather making the most of the opportunities they are in college. A survey …

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