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Letter To Parents

Dear Homeschool Parent,
As a homeschooling parent from kindergarten through college admissions, I know it can be a long journey. From handwriting practice to SATs, I’m so glad we went through it together.  In many ways, the high school years can be both the most challenging and most rewarding. It is satisfying to see the benefits of your years of hard work pay off as your child matures into a responsible adult.

Times Have Changed
Even for many parents who have confidently homeschooled since their children were young, the prospect of homeschooling through high school and the college admissions process can seem daunting.  College admissions have become more competitive and college costs have skyrocketed. There are many concerns: college entrance requirements, lab sciences, research papers, foreign languages, dual enrollment, APs, the PSAT, National Merit, the SAT, the ACT, transcripts, college tours, the Common Application, scholarships, financial aid, student loans, the FAFSA, early decision, GPA, interviews, wait lists…and all of that has to happen during adolescence!

Homeschool Concerns
I’ve seen too many homeschooling families end up disadvantaged in this process because they weren’t well prepared. In one case that will stick with me forever, a brilliant student missed out on a full college scholarship because he didn’t take the required test on time. Another homeschooler chose a college her parents really couldn’t afford. She ended up with a mountain of student loan debt and no degree to show for it. Preventing situations like these is what motivates me to help homeschoolers.

You Can Do It
While college admissions are complicated, getting the right information to plan strategically can make all the difference. At Homeschool Success, we help you maximize your college options by making the most of your high school years. Our goal is to find colleges that are a good fit academically, philosophically, socially, and financially. There is no “one size fits all” solution, but we can help with proven strategies to guide your homeschooler through high school and on the path to success in college.

Success Starts Now!
I encourage you to make high school planning and college admissions a priority. Whether your student is in middle school or is a high school senior, you will find resources to help you on this site. Our free resources are a great way to get started. I also work individually with homeschool families.  It is my honor to assist the homeschool community. I’m glad to answer any questions you might have, and I appreciate your support.

Barbara Hettle, Founder of Homeschool Success