Letter To Students

Dear Homeschool Student,

Congratulations on homeschooling high school. Homeschool students are lucky because they have more flexibility and freedom to develop their interests, but at the same time, they also have more responsibility. Your generation is dealing with a college admissions process that requires more hard work and planning. You will likely need to take more tests and apply to more colleges than your parents did.

Getting Ready for College

College may seem very far off to you at this point and like it is an abstract idea that is difficult to think about. Or, it may be right around the corner and you are sick of hearing people talk about it. Either way, it is approaching faster than you may think. I would like to share one piece of advice: Never lose sight of the fact that this is your responsibility and your life.

The Secret to Getting Along with Parents

Your parents will help you. By choosing to homeschool they’ve already made your education a big priority for your family. They care about your future and your success. But your parents can’t live your life. The more you take on responsibility for your school work, testing, and college planning, the more likely your parents will be convinced you are ready for greater independence. The less you follow through with stuff like preparing for your SATs, the more your parents will worry and the more they will nag you. The more they have to nag you the less they are going to trust your opinions and decision making.

Looking Forward to College

Many adults look back on college as one of the happiest times of their lives. You will meet new people, have new experiences, and learn much more about yourself and the world. The work you do during high school will be a big part of determining what kind of experience you can have in this first part of your adult life. So, I encourage you to work hard, dream big, and go for it.


Barbara Hettle, college counselor and founder of Homeschool Success