Common Application Essay Strategies

Essays are a crucial step in the college admissions process for most students. Seniors completing the Common Application need to choose from one of seven different essay prompts. There are no good or bad essay prompts, but there are prompts that fit individual students better than others. Take the time to really read and understand …

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Community College Considerations for Homeschoolers

 While exact figures for homeschoolers are not available, four of ten high school graduates begin their college career at community college. For some students it makes good sense to begin college with a dual enrollment courses or a two year degree from a community college, often followed by a transfer to a four year college. …

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AP Exam Self-Study

AP exams offer the chance to demonstrate subject mastery and the possibility of earning college credit. While the majority of Advanced Placement testers take formal classes either in a brick and mortar or online school, self-study is an increasingly popular option. The decision to self-study for an AP exam needs to be made thoughtfully with …

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National Merit Scholarship Awards

Homeschoolers who wish to earn larger merit scholarships should take the PSAT seriously. The PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship. While the scholarships awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation are fairly small, a number of colleges offer large scholarship packages to National Merit Finalists who enroll. Colleges that offer awards …

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FAFSA Tips for Homeschooling Families

piggy bank graduation

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the FAFSA, is the most important step to qualify for financial aid for college. This is the required form to receive federal money, such as Pell Grants, loans, and work study. Information from the FAFSA is also used by colleges to decide on grant awards and scholarships. Homeschoolers …

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College Options for Students with Asperger’s and Autism

university hallway

Many families of children on the autism spectrum choose to homeschool. Parents are aware the high school years is the time to begin planning for a successful college transition. As the autism spectrum is wide and student needs vary, there is no one perfect college approach. Some students may be successful attending a four year …

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Financial Aid: Independent Student Status

Some parents say they’ve figured out the way they are going to cope with college costs. Their plan is to no longer claim their child as a dependent on income taxes with the belief this means the parent income will not be considered for financial aid. If this is your plan, think again… The federal …

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Tips for Pre-Law Majors

university of michigan law school

Is your homeschooler hoping to become a lawyer? If so, here are a few things you may wish to consider as you plan high school and look toward pre-law and law school. Skills More Crucial Than Major Law school doesn’t require a particular major or set of prerequisite courses. Rather, aspiring attorneys should focus on …

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Physical Education for Homeschoolers

running shoes

Many states require physical education for all students including homeschoolers. Fortunately, PE is one of the easiest requirements for most homeschoolers to meet. With a little creativity you can find options that will help your teen build their physical fitness. For many families, the big goal with PE is to help their teen build healthy …

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Extracurricular Ideas for Homeschool High School

Homeschooling high school is about a lot more than academics. Extracurricular involvement for homeschoolers doesn’t always look the same as it does for traditional high school students, but extracurricular matter a great deal. Activities help students develop their talents and find community. Some parents worry that extracurricular activities will add to the cost of homeschooling …

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