Why Work With A Consultant

Keeps You Accountable
In the busy life of a homeschool parent there are always so many tasks dividing our attention. Working with a experienced consultant keeps you on track and focused. By reserving time for consulting, you are making a commitment to spend time on high school and college planning. This motivation can help avoid last minute panic and stress.

College Investment
College costs rise each year with many families now paying over $200,000 for a college for just one child. Just 59% of students who begin college  graduate within six years and many never graduate at all. Consultants help families target colleges where the student will be most successful and likely to graduate. Most families find the investment in consulting pays off many times over in admissions and scholarship offers.

Saves Time
Homeschooling high school and navigating the college admissions process can be complicated.  Parents can spent hundreds of hours reading online forums and hunting for information and still end up unsure if what they are reading is accurate or applicable to their student’s situation. Hiring a consultant can save you time and improve your result.

Personalized Information
No two students are the same.  While there is plenty of general information out there about homeschooling and college admissions, much of it may not be appropriate for your student’s specific needs.  Homeschool Success takes the time to get to know your student’s profile and helps them form a cohesive admissions strategy. Some key student characteristics that encourage parents to seek out personalized advice: aiming for highly selective colleges, complex educational history including school transfers, seeking admissions to highly competitive majors such as computer science, learning disabled, gifted, need for scholarships, medical needs, motivation concerns, high financial need, and/or an interest in an unusual major or college activity.

Third Party
Parents and teens don’t always find it easy to work together. Having a neutral third party provide specialized information and deadlines can make the process easier. Having an expert available can help you enjoy senior year and make the most of the time you have together.