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Community College Considerations for Homeschoolers

 While exact figures for homeschoolers are not available, four of ten high school graduates begin their college career at community college. For some students it makes good sense to begin college with a dual enrollment courses or a two year degree from a community college, often followed by a transfer to a four year college. …

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College Options for Students with Asperger’s and Autism

university hallway

Many families of children on the autism spectrum choose to homeschool. Parents are aware the high school years is the time to begin planning for a successful college transition. As the autism spectrum is wide and student needs vary, there is no one perfect college approach. Some students may be successful attending a four year …

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College Food Allergy Policies

Food allergy photo

Navigating college residences and dining with serious food allergies can be challenging. Allergies to foods such as nuts, gluten, milk, shellfish, and soy are on the rise.  Some homeschoolers chose to homeschool in part due to the difficulty of safely managing a serious food allergy while in a public or private school. Life threatening allergies …

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Public Honors Colleges

Indiana University Living Learning

Public Honors colleges offer students many perks from scholarships to small classes to specialized housing. Understand what this choice may offer your homeschooler.

Great Books Colleges for Homeschoolers

Baylor University

As represented by the popularity of The Well Trained Mind, classical education has been one of the hottest trends in homeschooling. Some classical homeschoolers seek to continue their study of the classics through Great Books college programs. Great Books programs are based on the idea that students benefit from a strong foundation in the Western …

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Attend College Abroad

Students excited by the possibility of attending college in another country will find planning different in may key aspects including admissions, course of study available, and financing.

Virtual Tours Jump Start Your College Search

DePauw University

While all college applicants are encouraged to make campus visits, visiting colleges can be expensive particularly when visiting geographically distance campuses. The average college applicant now applies to seven or so schools, and some applying to highly selective schools apply to many more. With so many colleges under consideration it is tough to visit every …

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Colleges Every Homeschooler Should Know

fall college campus

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a college and a university? Do you know what a proprietary school is? Prepare yourself for college admissions by learning the vocabulary commonly used to describe different types of colleges. Colleges: Colleges are four year institution of higher learning. Colleges grant bachelor’s degrees in arts and/or …

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Colleges That Change Lives Summer Tour

Beloit College

College That Change Lives (CTCL) is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of small liberal arts colleges. These are often not the biggest name schools, but rather ones that offer a nurturing, intellectually stimulating environment. Colleges That Change Lives schools typically have small class size and personal attention. These characteristics that make them appealing for …

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Private Research Universities for Homeschoolers, Part One

Georgetown University

Has your homeschooler considered applying to a private research university?  This category of colleges includes universities like Boston University, Vanderbilt, Emory, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, and Washington University in St. Louis.  Applying to non-Ivy private research universities is a hot trend in college admissions. Many students are attracted to the size and …

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