Homeschool High School Requirements

Free printable: Homeschool High School Requirements

Plan your high school academic program with college admissions and scholarships in mind. Colleges vary in their expectations so there is no one size fits all solution.

This free printable guide from Homeschool Success provides an overview of typical course plans based on college selectivity. It includes an overview of core requirement expectations for math, English, science, social studies/history, and foreign language. This is offered as a starting resource for families just beginning high school planning. Each individual plan needs to be based on the student’s interests and abilities, college goals, and their requirements of their state. Students interested in highly selective colleges are always well advised to exceed the minimum requirements in as many areas as possible.

Admissions expectations for homeschoolers vary. Each school sets their own individual policies and these policies can change from year to year.   Reviewing these policies for the types of institutions your homeschooler is considering will help you understand testing expectations and plan courses.