Homeschool High School Requirements

Free printable: Homeschool High School Requirements

Plan your high school academic program with college admissions and scholarships in mind. Colleges vary in their expectations so there is no one size fits all solution. This free printable guide from Homeschool Success will allow you to plan subject based on your student’s college goals.


School Type Most Competitive Competitive College Ready
Most rigorous high school preparation. Seeking highly selective admissions or scholarships at mid-tier schools. Substantial high school preparation. Exceeds minimum standards in most areas. Seeking midrange college admissions and scholarship options. Completes college prep curriculum. Meets standards of college readiness.
Options include: American Literature, British Literature,  World Literature, Composition, Speech, English 1-4 Four years years of honors level courses including literature and composition Four years including literature and composition: honors level preferred Four years including literature and composition
Options include: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Statistics, Trig, Precalculus, Calculus I, Calculus II Four or more years. Precalc is minimum, though calculus preferred and expected for STEM majors Three to four years. Minimum through algebra II, precalculus is preferred Three years, including algebra I geometry, and algebra II
Options include:Biology*, Chemistry*, Physics*, Earth Science, Physical Science, Astronomy, Environmental Science. *=core sciences Three to four years of honors level work in core sciences, general science may not be substituted. Two or three lab sciences required Three years including one or two lab science courses Two years, may include general science courses
History/Social Studies
Options include: U.S. history, U.S. Government, World History, Ancient History, Geography, Economics, Psychology Three years, should include honors courses Two to three years, some honors preferred Two years
Foreign Language
Options include: Ancient or Modern Languages Four years of same foreign language. Two years of same foreign language. Optional
Course options: Art history, Music Appreciation, Drama, Visual Arts One year One year One year
Course options: Logic, Computer Programming, Music Theory, Architecture, Religious Studies, Linguistics, Mythology, Drama, Woodworking, etc. Self designed and unique courses are appropriate. Stand out by developing indepth knowledge in areas of talent Check state requirements for total number of credits for graduation Check state requirements for total number of credits for graduation

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