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AP Exam Self-Study

AP exams offer the chance to demonstrate subject mastery and the possibility of earning college credit. While the majority of Advanced Placement testers take formal classes either in a brick and mortar or online school, self-study is an increasingly popular option. The decision to self-study for an AP exam needs to be made thoughtfully with …

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GED? Is it Necessary for Homeschoolers?

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Many people assume that homeschoolers should take the GED test as a way to prove the student has completed high school. While the GED is useful for many adult learners who have dropped out of high school, it is generally a poor choice for homeschooled students. Here’s why: Homeschoolers can graduate from high school Attending …

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CLEP for Homeschoolers

Earning college credits during high school is generating a lot of buzz in homeschool circles. Through options like CLEP, AP, and dual enrollment some students are hoping to shorten their time in college and save money. Here are answers to some of the questions homeschoolers ask most often about CLEP exams. What is CLEP? The …

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Test Optional Policies May Exclude Homeschoolers

If you have a child who does not test well on standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT, test optional colleges may be appealing. These colleges do not require tests to be submitted as part of the student’s college applications. FairTest has compiled a list of test optional colleges. Many question the value of …

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SAT Subject Tests for Homeschoolers

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SAT subject tests are an important option for homeschoolers to consider. These tests can be one alternative to help validate the homeschool transcript and some selective colleges require SAT subject tests for admissions. What are SAT subject tests? SAT subject tests are tests of high school content mastery. They are offered by the College Board …

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Tests Every Homeschooler Should Know

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One concern for many families homeschooling high school is keeping track of necessary testing required for college admissions. You may have heard of a long list of college tests: SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT subject tests, AP, CLEP, Accuplacer, COMPASS. Fortunately, not every student will need to take every one of these tests. As a homeschooler …

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ACT Test Changes

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Following the announcement of changes in the SAT test earlier this year, the ACT Corporation revealed students should expect changes in the ACT next year. While all colleges equally accept either test, the ACT and SAT continue to compete for market share. The upcoming changes to the ACT are designed to make the test more …

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SAT Test Changes


Starting in the spring of 2016, students will be taking a new, redesigned SAT test. The test will involve several changes that homeschoolers need to understand and factor into their test planning decisions. The ACT is also making changes to its test format. The SAT has been losing market share to the ACT for some …

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Credit by Exam Degrees: Questions to Ask

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Earning college degrees primarily through credit by examination, such as CLEP and DANTES tests, is an increasingly popular option for homeschoolers. Credit by exam (CBE) allows students to test in college level subjects while homeschooling high school. Some students seek to complete their entire college degree through CBE and online courses. There are a few …

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AP Homestretch Study Plan

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The way a student studies and prepares during the final days and weeks before AP exams can make all the difference. While homeschoolers may enjoy AP courses for the challenge they provide, for most homeschoolers earning a strong score is also a goal. AP. Scores of 4 and 5 are most likely to be helpful …

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