College Visits: Questions to Ask

College visits are a crucial step in evaluating colleges. Visiting colleges can be time-consuming and expensive. Too often prospective students arrive unprepared. They go through the tour and meetings silently hoping not to attention to themselves. This can be a waste of a college visit.

I suggest before college visits that you work with your homeschooler to help him or her prepare a list of questions.  Asking questions will help your student make a positive impression on admissions staff and provides an important opportunity to learn information that will help with making an informed college choice.

Here are a few question ideas to get you started:

How many students are in the average class I would take as a freshman?

What do students on on the weekends?

What are the best things about this college?

What would you change about this school?

Is on campus housing required and/or guaranteed? How do I choose the best dorm?

How easy is it to meet with professors? Are they helpful?

What type of orientation is available for students entering this college?

Do you have any special requirements for homeschooling applicants?

How many hours a week do most students study? How much reading should I expect?

Do students go off campus very often? What do they do?

Are classes more often lectures or discussions? Are group projects common?


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