Transition Resources for Homeschoolers with Disabilities

clockThe transition from high school to adult life is huge for all students with disabilities and that includes homeschoolers. I encourage parents of students with disabilities to begin to think about this transition very early – during middle school is not too soon. For some students the next logical step after homeschooling will be college. For others alternatives such as vocational training or entering the workforce will make more sense.

Understanding the the challenges to come will help you begin to plan. A great free resource you should explore is the Taking Charge of your Education website. This website is designed for young people with disabilities who are planning their transition to adulthood. Resources are provided on wide ranging topics including education, health care, independent living, work, recreation, and finances.

The site includes great articles and videos. The section of the website that homeschoolers may find most helpful is the printable worksheets found in the resources section. These would be great to include in curriculum for your homeschool during middle or high school.

One helpful feature of homeschooling you have the opportunity to include these sorts of topics as part of the school curriculum.  You may wish to consider adding a course each semester that will allow you to focus on various life-skills related to successful transition to adult life. Potential course titles may include: career exploration, consumer economics, study skills, family and consumer science, or even the old fashioned home economics. These courses can be listed as electives on a high school transcript.  Business or consumer math is another popular option. For students aiming for competitive colleges, business math would be an elective, for students who are attending less selective college or who aren’t aiming for college business math can typically be counted for high school math credit.

A wide variety of some of the other free resources for transitions exist online. You may find you need to adapt these resources to fit the particular needs of your homeschooler, but they are a good starting place.
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