Three Careers for Math Loving Homeschoolers

chalkboardJob seekers with an interest and talent in math are always in demand. This post focuses on just three of the many three career options for students who are interested in using applied math.

Actuarial Science: Actuaries use math to assess risks. Most actuaries are employed in insurance and financial industries. Actuarial science is consistently ranked as one of the careers where workers have the highest satisfaction with what they do.

Homeschoolers who wish to enter the field of actuarial science should make sure they get a strong foundation in math and science during their high school years. Many successful students will take an AP calculus exam or be dual enrolled in college math courses. Students interested in actuarial science may wish to further explore the career by attending one of the summer camps offered on college campuses.

Several scholarships are available for undergraduates pursuing actuarial studies.   Typically actuaries will have a minimum of a four year college degree and will need to pass a series of exams. Some colleges offer coursework that will help prepare students for the exams.

Accounting: Accountants work in a wide variety of fields including private industry and government. Accounting offers different specialization including auditing, public accounting, and management accounting. Accountants help businesses run efficiently and avoid waste and fraud.

Students interested in careers in accounting should get a strong foundation in math and computing before college. Many students will take an AP calculus exam. Prior to work as an accountant students will typically finish a college degree and pass a series of exams.  This website is a great place to learn more about careers in accounting.

Statistics: Statisticians are needed in a number of sectors including medicine, government, and business. Statisticians obtain and analyze data and communicate what they find to others.

Homeschoolers who wish to become statisticians should get strong math preparation while in high school. This may include dual enrollment or AP courses. Students should also take English courses and learn to communicate effectively. While in college students will typically major in applied math or statistics. Many positions will require people with graduate degrees.  To learn more about careers in statistics visit The American Statistical Association.

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