Navigating College For Students With Autism

Homeschoolers on the autism spectrum should take a look at the free e-book about college available from the Autism Self Advocacy Network. The book, Navigating College, is a series of essays all written by adults with autism. Topics covered include self-advocacy, social issues, mental health, safety and accommodations in college.

This guide may also be useful as a planning tool for parents of teens with Asperger’s, autism, or high functioning autism. Reading this guide during your child’s middle school or early high school years will give you a better picture of some of the challenges faced by students on the autism spectrum and it may serve as a help in your homeschooling planning. Focusing on a student’s long term goal of college attendance can help parents understand the areas of development a student needs to work on during the high school years.

I found this to be a helpful and accessible book.  Here’s an example of the friendly tone you’ll find in the book: “Navigating College is an introduction to the college experience from those of us who’ve been there. The writers and contributors are Autistic adults, and we’re giving you the advice that we wish someone could have given us when we headed off to college. We wish we could sit down and have a chat with each of you, to share our experiences and answer your questions. But since we can’t teleport, and some of us have trouble meeting new people, this book is the next best thing.”

Free e-book: Navigating College for Students with Autism


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