How to Earn Top Grades in College

Here are six proven strategies for earning great grades in college. Please share this with your dual enrolled student or homeschool graduate.

Attend class
Lecture and reading often include very different content so one can’t substitute for another. If you are tempted to skip class look at the cost of tuition and calculate what you are paying for each class session.

Sit in the front
Research shows students who sit in the front tend to get better grades. Students who sit in front are better able to hear and understand the professor and wandering attention is less of a problem.

Participate appropriately
In many classes participation is listed on the syllabus as part of the formula for calculating a student’s grade. Some students mistakenly believe if participation isn’t required it doesn’t matter. However, students who participate will feel more engaged and as a result tend to do better. Also, in cases where the student’s grade is on the borderline it never hurts to have been known as a student who came to class prepared and contributed to discussion. Students should avoid dominating class discussion though and interrupting the professor with questions that could easily be answered one on one.

Read and save the syllabus
Thoroughly read the syllabus at the beginning of the semester and understand the expectations and method of evaluation. Keep the syllabus in your notebook.

Ask for help when you need it
Too often students wait until they are totally lost before they seek out help. Professors have office hours for a reason and they generally welcome students who come with questions. Also, most campuses offer a variety of free tutoring resources.

Form study groups
Strong students learn to find and work with other strong students. A carefully selected study group can be help keep a student on track and studying more effectively.

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