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College Options for Students with Asperger’s and Autism

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Many families of children on the autism spectrum choose to homeschool. Parents are aware the high school years is the time to begin planning for a successful college transition. As the autism spectrum is wide and student needs vary, there is no one perfect college approach. Some students may be successful attending a four year …

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College Food Allergy Policies

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Navigating college residences and dining with serious food allergies can be challenging. Allergies to foods such as nuts, gluten, milk, shellfish, and soy are on the rise.  Some homeschoolers chose to homeschool in part due to the difficulty of safely managing a serious food allergy while in a public or private school. Life threatening allergies …

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ADHD College Success Tips


Making the transition from homeschooling high school to college can be challenging for any student, but especially so for students with ADHD. Difficulties with organization, time management, and attention can interfere with success in college. I encourage homeschooling parents of students with attention deficit to begin planning for college success as early in high school …

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Is Your Homeschooler With Special Needs Ready for College?

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College readiness is about more than completion of academic requirements. Parents of students with special needs should look at them as a whole person and make sure their child has developed the social, emotional, and life skills necessary for success in college. Executive function challenges such as ADHD and autism can pose challenges in a …

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Transition Resources for Homeschoolers with Disabilities

The transition from high school to adult life is huge for all students with disabilities and that includes homeschoolers. I encourage parents of students with disabilities to begin to think about this transition very early – during middle school is not too soon. For some students the next logical step after homeschooling will be college. …

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Questions to Ask College Disability Offices

University of Chicago campus

College applicants with disabilities should investigate disability offices during the college search process.  While the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities, it does not mandate that colleges provide services that will make students successful. Some colleges provide only the very minimum legally required, whereas other colleges have extensive services and supports …

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Navigating College For Students With Autism

campus of Kalamazoo College

Homeschoolers on the autism spectrum should take a look at the free e-book about college available from the Autism Self Advocacy Network. The book, Navigating College, is a series of essays all written by adults with autism. Topics covered include self-advocacy, social issues, mental health, safety and accommodations in college. This guide may also be …

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