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Is This College a Good Social Fit?

Research finds that social fit is the most important factor in whether or not students will graduate from the college they enroll in. Even if the academics are a good match, students who don’t have friends and don’t feel socially happy tend not to do very well in college. Students need to explore the social …

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Colleges That Change Lives for Homeschoolers

Colleges that Change Lives (CTCL) is a network of liberal arts colleges in the United States. CTCL began with a book by New York Times editor Loren Pope. The goal of the book was to publicize alternatives to highly selective colleges and the frenzied admissions culture in higher education. CTCL continues as an organization that …

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Work Colleges Cut College Costs

Many families are looking for ways to lower the cost of college and to avoid accumulating student loan debt. Work College Consortium colleges can be a great option for budget-conscious homeschoolers and students who enjoy community service. This group of seven colleges in the United States trades student labor for some of the lowest tuition …

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College Accreditation: Why It Matters

College is a major investment for most families and understanding accreditation should be a basic step in the process of decision making. Homeschool parents must take time to understand the different types of college accreditation and what they mean for students. Look for Regional College Accreditation While national accreditation may sound more impressive it is …

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Articulation Agreements for Community College Transfer Students

Any student planning to transfer from a two year to a four year college needs to know about articulation agreements. These agreements area contract between two colleges that specify how credits will be transferred. In some states there are statewide agreements making it easy for students to complete two years at a community college and …

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Making Sense of College Selectivity

Understanding selectivity is important because it can help your child as they develop a list of colleges to apply to. Your homeschooler will want to be admitted to most schools they apply to. For scholarship purposes it is helpful if they are at the top of the applicant pool at least some of the schools …

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