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Colleges Are Recruiting Homeschoolers: Myth or Fact?

College campus

The idea that elite colleges are recruiting homeschoolers gets a lot of buzz . You may have read the claim that it is easier for homeschoolers to get into top colleges. The assertion is that Ivy League and other highly ranked colleges see that homeschool applicants score higher on tests and are more creative. This …

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How to Build a Better Vocabulary

A well-developed vocabulary is an asset for any high school or college student. Vocabulary skills will help you communicate effectively and perform well on standardized exams, such as the ACT and SAT. Some students seem to naturally pick up vocabulary through reading, but others need to make a more concerted effort. Before we explore strategies …

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Public Honors Colleges

Indiana University Living Learning

Public Honors colleges offer students many perks from scholarships to small classes to specialized housing. Understand what this choice may offer your homeschooler.

Public Speaking for Homeschoolers

Fear of speaking in public is one of the most common anxieties. In fact, three in four people say they are afraid of public speaking. This can be problematic because speaking to a group is a skill that is necessary in many careers. Offering your homeschooler the opportunity to overcome this fear by participating in …

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Ivy League Homeschool Admissions

Columbia University Library

Can homeschoolers get into Ivy League colleges? Yes, but as for all students it is very competitive. Students who want to be successful in highly selective admissions are advised to start early and carefully build their academic profile during the high school years. In this article you will find information about the homeschool admissions requirements …

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Volunteering for Homeschoolers, Part One


Many homeschooling teens find volunteering to be one of the most satisfying part of their high school education.

Volunteering for Homeschoolers

peace crane

The primary motivation for volunteering among teen homeschoolers should be making a contribution to their community. ¬†Teen volunteers can be a helpful source of labor and energy for community organizations. While it should be that the primary reason to engage in community service is altruistic, it is okay to acknowledge that volunteering may also help …

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Highly Selective College Admissions for Homeschoolers

Yale University, New Haven Connecticut

Is your homeschooler hoping to be admitted to a top-ranked school such as Yale, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, or Stanford? While there are homeschoolers and unschoolers who are successful in admissions to top colleges, including Ivy League colleges, homeschooling alone is not enough. Homeschoolers who are accepted to highly selective colleges typically have worked exceptionally hard …

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Private Research Universities for Homeschoolers, Part Two

Northwestern University

Homeschoolers need to look carefully at the admissions requirements of colleges they wish to apply to. This is a process that students can start early in high school long before they’ve developed their final college list. This article provides a look at the minimum expectations for private research universities. While requirements for homeschoolers vary from …

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Common Financial Aid Misconceptions

financial aid

Do you have accurate information about financial aid and scholarships? Relying on second hand and outdated information can be a problem.