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Homeschool SuccessHomeschool Success helps families homeschool high school and plan for college admissions. Barbara Hettle is a veteran homeschooling parent and a certified college counselor. Homeschool Success provides resources and individualized consulting services to students throughout the United States.

Homeschooling High School
Homeschoolers have a wide variety of options for high school, from unschooling to dual enrollment to virtual school. Our blog offers information about all aspects of planning for high school including academics, testing, and extracurricular activities. Homeschooling is a great way for teens to have a more productive and have less stressful high school experience. Homeschoolers also have unique opportunities to develop academic and personal interests.

College for Homeschoolers
Homeschool Success clients have gained admission to a wide variety of colleges including many highly competitive colleges. Building a strong high school record can help make students more competitive for college admissions and merit aid. By understanding the expectation of college admissions offices, homeschoolers can plan to meet their unique educational goals while building track record of testing, academics, and extracurricular activities. Through their college application essays and through homeschool records such as the transcript, course descriptions, and school profile, homeschoolers can build a strong case for the advantages of their unique educational path.

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You will find articles on all aspects of homeschooling high school and planning for college admissions as a homeschooler.  You may especially enjoy these articles:

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Georgetown University

Private Research Universities for Homeschoolers, Part One

Has your homeschooler considered applying to a private research university?  This category of colleges includes universities like Boston University, Vanderbilt, Emory, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, and Washington University in St. Louis.  Applying to non-Ivy private research universities is a hot trend in college admissions. Many students are attracted to the size and …

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college admissions office

Prepare for College Interviews

The college interview can be a crucial step in the admissions process. While it is true that some schools no longer offer interviews, the practice continues at most colleges. There are also colleges and universities that require an interview from homeschoolers even if they do not for other applicants. Here’s what you need to know …

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Seven Strategies for More Effective Note Taking

Learning to take good lecture notes is an important skill for success in college.  This is a task that can be practiced while homeschooling high school or as part of dual enrollment courses.  One research study found that 62% of what a student hears in class is forgotten by the next day. Good notes will …

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stack of college textbooks

College Textbook Costs: What to Expect and How to Save

What will textbooks cost? A recent survey finds the average college student spends about $1,200 a year on textbooks. Textbook costs vary based on a student’s major. Students in English or social sciences may find they are more often assigned lower cost paperbacks. Science majors may find that many texts for core subjects run as …

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