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Homeschool SuccessHomeschool Success helps families homeschool high school and plan for college admissions. Barbara Hettle is a veteran homeschooling parent and a certified college counselor. Her goal is to simplify the college admissions process. She is able to help with all aspects of the process including: test planning, homeschool documents including transcripts, financial aid and scholarships, and considerations for students with disabilities. Both personalized consulting and free resources are available.

Homeschool Success provides parents with the resources they need to be effective guidance counselors to their children.  One free site resource is a printable PDF guide to college requirements for homeschoolers. It details three different college tracks including highly selective colleges.

The blog at Homeschool Success offers many articles. These articles offer expert information for parents who are considering homeschooling high school. Students can learn about most of college visits with careful planning. Other blog entries provide advice on college essays.  Help is also available in navigating financial aid and scholarship process. Homeschool graduates who are now enrolled in college can get tips on budgeting and success in college courses.

Thank you for exploring the information and resources available at Homeschool Success. It is our honor to be of service to the homeschooling community. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Barbara Hettle, Founder of Homeschool Success



College campus

Colleges Are Recruiting Homeschoolers: Myth or Fact?

The idea that elite colleges are recruiting homeschoolers gets a lot of buzz . You may have read the claim that it is easier for homeschoolers to get into top colleges. The assertion is that Ivy League and other highly ranked colleges see that homeschool applicants score higher on tests and are more creative. This …

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classroom test

ACT Test Changes

Following the announcement of changes in the SAT test earlier this year, the ACT Corporation revealed students should expect changes in the ACT next year. While all colleges equally accept either test, the ACT and SAT continue to compete for market share. The upcoming changes to the ACT are designed to make the test more …

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9th Grade Homeschool Planning

Beginning homeschool high school with a strong plan for academics, extracurriculars, and testing will help keep your student’s options open for college.  If you have a middle schooler or a student starting 9th grade, here are some things to consider. Chart a Four Year Academic Plan The single most important factor in college admissions is …

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math careers

Three Careers for Math Loving Homeschoolers

Job seekers with an interest and talent in math are always in demand. This post focuses on just three of the many three career options for students who are interested in using applied math. Actuarial Science: Actuaries use math to assess risks. Most actuaries are employed in insurance and financial industries. Actuarial science is consistently …

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